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Mission: Empower and educate young women on achieving personal and professional success.

Vision: Decrease college drop-out rates and create more productive citizens.

About Us:

The Worthy Academy Inc is a veteran owned and operated nonprofit Christian organization. It’s target audience is 18-24 year female college students and noncollege students.  Our team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and cultures.  We strive for each girl to achieve higher learning. It may be a two-year degree, certification or a four-year degree. It may even be to start her own business. However, we will walk her through the process to it's completion.  Moreover, we respect her decision to stop at any point.   We want to ensure these young women go beyond high their high school diploma.


Making A Difference


 College tuition is expensive. Books, food, clothes, shoes cost  money as well, which is we offer academic and personal scholarships. Students must apply for the TWA scholarship but meet requirements. 

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At TWA we realize mid-terms, finals, sports, new locations, new friends can be stressful...the entire college experience is new. We want to help. Join us for walks at the park, journaling sessions, jam sessions and more! Schedule a 1-1 with our CEO today!

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What am I going to do after college? My parents want me to join the military. My Dad wants me join the family business. My mom wants me to work with her at the salon/nail salon/photography studio. What about what I want? I'm an Art major. I'm an English major. What jobs are there? I have student loans. Is this you? Let us help you. Our staff have been there too. You are not alone!

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Giving is a huge part of serving others. We love to support our local community.  Tell us some of your favorite places to give back and let's work together.

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130 Prominence Point Pkwy Ste 160-262 
Canton, GA 30114


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